Monthly Report.


So, October has passed and I am currently trying to learn english, and wrote it down in my blog , because i wanted to be good english speaker and also writer . If there are so many mistakes , Apologize me. because i wrote this post without looking at any dictonary like google translate, book, etc.
and i ain’t even learn about grammar yet :’

In this post i will tell you about what i’ve done in the past 2 months from September to October . 1 month ago i read an article about productivity , so i decided to apply what i’ve got from the book. The first thing that i’ve been doing till right now is to make a daily report book which is contain anything what i’ve done on that day. So I started this habbit on 16 September 2016 until today.

What i’ve done on the September :


  • Finally after 1 month back to bandung , got internet on my flat
  • Playing League of Legends about 5 hours.
  • “OSPEK stuff”
  • Cleaned my Bedroom
  • Make this daily report for the first time.

I know on that day i don’t even a productive person . LOL”


  • Participating on GENESIS 2016(OSPEK) from 7AM – 4.30PM
  • Playing League Of Legends again.
  • I hope tomorrow will be a better day”

“19/09/2016 – 23/09/2016

  • Participating on Proclub Open Mind
  • Participating on CCI (Central Computer Improvement) Open Mind
  • Participating on PKM Workshop.
  • Got Rendang and Keripik from My Mom and My Grandma
  • Taught my friends about Network Fundamental
  • Learn about Data Structure and Algorithm : Stack and Queue with friends
  • Passed Business Process Management Quiz
  • Registered to Proclub Recruitment
  • League Of Legends
  • I just got 92% / 100% on my final network fundamental practicum test. Hope next time will be better”

“24 – 29 /09/2016

  • GENESIS 2016 again
  • Read : Zero to One by Peter ThielZero to One.jpg
  • Learn about Design Foundation
  • Learn about Photoshop
  • Learn about Blender
  • Learn to make a business card with PhotoshopBusiness Card - Learning PS - Aprianil.png
  • Learn to make a Logo with PhotoshopMinimal Logo.png
  • Learn to make a object with Blender
  • CCI Interview
  • Lost all of my laptop data 😦
  • Repaired My Laptop
  • Met new friends Amen , Fallah , etc sorry i forgot your name
  • Sleeping when class on going (Industrial Statistics)
  • I Made new CV.”


October :

“30/09/2017 – 07/10/2016

  • I got Bunch of College Assignment
  • Got some new bookmark on design you can check it out on my Medium 
  • Made a logo for My Enterpreneurship assignment.hello pudding wallpaper 4.png
  • Redesign my life purpose (even if i don’t know why).
  • Learn Design
  • Created My First Business Plan
  • Watched TEDx talk on youtube

    The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

  • Aaron Draplin !

  • Called my Dad after 2 months in Bandung :’

“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“8-15 /10/2016

  • I Joined CCI ! (Achievement Unlocked)
  • Read : Zero to One by Peter Thiel
  • Mid Term Examination !
  • Hangout with my friends after 2 months surrounded by college stuff.
  • Design? Programming? Networking? or Business? I have no idea
    I confused about what i have to focus. Sometimes i code , sometimes i design , and sometimes i read a business book , and also i joined Network and Security club on my college. In the other hand ,  the circumstance forces me to learn all kind of that things , it makes me feel like i could handle all of that stuff , and be expert at all. NO , i just wanted to learn one thing and followed by the other things after i am sure that i capable enough at that thing. Like i am currently learning about design , but there is no design thing in my college courses. So , I decided learn by self-taught , when i  focusing myself to learn about design , Tons of Assignment beyond design thing appear to me . and i’ve to make it done which is by sacraficing my design time :’
    I am little bit disappointed about my college life right now .
    (actually i dont know what i wanna tell haha).
  • Took a picture with Information System Students 2015 , and it’s the best oneFoto Angkatan_3970.jpg
  • I just know the taste of “Tahu Bulat”.
  • Playing League of Legends
  • Shiddiq got his new Motorcycle. LOL
  • I think i have to reschedule my time and make spesific detail for every task that i’ve made.

“16 – 28 /10/2016

  • Still Bookmarked all of article about design that i found on the internet. I think it was a form of procrastination -_-
  • Mid term examination has done !
  • Took a break for 2 days
  • bought some books :
  • I made a field notes on my bedroom wall. it’s all about UX Course that i’ve been pending for a long time. I want to finish it as fast as i can  but i realized i have no enough time.
  • Marathon with my friend “Adin” . After a LOOOONG TIMEE haha
  • Back to College after Mid Term Examination
  • Took a photo with my friends and Seniors , but i don’t wanna show you haha.
  • GENESIS 2016 has done ! OH GOD THANKS !
  • Playing League of Legends
  • Participating on ICT Expo 2016
  • Joined Startup Community forum & Workshop. I got 2 insight :
    • First , Start your own company now, even if people say you are too young to start a company. or
    • Being Professional First then you can make your own startup company based on your experience and to achieve your goals don’t forget about
    • SMART Framework.
  • I skipped my second chance to join lab recruitment. I hope this is the best decision that i ever made.
  • i turn my cupboard into “to do list” , yeah it has 3 doors so i break it into :
    • TO DO
    • DONE
      So when i woke up on the morning , it’s the second thing i saw after clock.
  • i made reminder on my wall next to door “DOMPET !” so , i hope it works for making me always bring my wallet . LOL
  • Took a trip to hot spring water on lembang. I felt all of my bodies recovered from all of college thing. Thanks to Anggi who invited me to joined the trip 😀
  • 274131
    Gracia Hot Spring Water & Spa
  • A reptile. It’s like mother of Lizard walk around my Bedroom WTF
  • Tubes (Tugas Besar) has coming ! it’s a group assignment but i feel like personal assignment .
  • I got A grade on my Business Process Management Quiz (First and Second Quiz). Hope i can keep it up !
  • I started to sell pudding, this is my first time doing sales job (talk to stranger). I sold All of my pudding on the day haha.
  • I missed my networking presentation because of one of my friend sent it late (group assignment).
  • Enterpreneurship course has taught me a lot. Thanks to Mr. Andika Bayu for remind me about my Goals.
  • i didn’t follow industrial statistics class , and just sat on my chair behind of my friends and grabbed my book . I read : Zero to One by Peter Thiel about 40 pages during the class . LOL
  • Took a Logo Challenge even if i am still learning.
  • Project Assignment : Calculateyou
  • I made Line Official Account for my classmates, so i can share and remind myself and my friends about any college assignment.
  • Cleaned my Bedroom, I know my bedroom full of mess :3
  • got a haircut , and as always , i regret to cut-off my hair
  • Finished Zero to One by Peter Thiel.
  • Read :

    The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

  • Firstmeet CCI, I met new Friends and got little insight about Digital Creative Industries.
  • See you later , Have a better day 😀

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Report.

  1. OMG you are so good at reminding what you’ve done. that was so detail, high appreciate. I Just arrvd at bandung last night and i just realize that bandung getting cooler this days, haha or perhaps its just my feeling


    1. Hi Rafa , Thank you for visiting my blog (again?) & Welcome back to Bandung 😀
      actually, I just copying what i’ve done based on my note and put it to my blog haha. Btw , bandung have a bad weather r8 now :/ and flood everywhere 😦 and yeah it’s may occur because of climate change or smth . #GWSBandung

      Liked by 1 person

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