Social Media Break

This was first published on my Medium series.

Hello Everyone 🙂

It’s been two weeks since the day i decided to get rid from all of social media app on my phone and i called it “Social Media Break”.

I started the experiment 15 July 2017, actually i started this on the 14 July afternoon. I deleted All of social media. The biggest distraction for my day like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But i made an exception for Line because i need to keep in contact with my fellows. Instead of deleting Line, i switched it to Line Lite which is i can’t access the timeline that distracted me the most.

Today, as my promised, i wanna tell you about what happened in this 2 weeks related to the experiment that i’ve done.

So how it works ?

The first day

so, in the first day of my social media break. I planned about what i am gonna do in the next 2 weeks. and made it into my success metrics.

The plan was :

  • Read 3 books within 2 weeks
  • make a project that i’ve planned before.
  • read at least 3 articles every morning and the night before going to bed.
  • Learn about 4 courses that i’ve planned before.
  • Learn English at least 30 minutes per day.

You would think since I publicly committed to these experiment that I’d be able to follow through on all of them, but that was not the case.

Here is each week’s experiment along and how often i actually did.

Week 1

The first week, i spent my time reading a book and learn courses, and also read 3 articles every morning and night before going to bed. and i never put my time to “learn English at least 30 minutes per day” . So pathetic.

but the good part was i finished one book in just 1 weeks(actually 3 days). Which normaly took me for 1 month to finished 1 book. That was a lot of improvement.

i shared on my fb via share button on my goodreads account. So i don’t really open the fb 😛

On the other hand, i also finished several courses related to design things. I learned about Information Architecture, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and also some of user research technique.

because no matter what the degree i pursue today. I’ve committed to myself to leap into design field.

Week 2

The second weeks, i decided to focus on making the project that i’ve planned before. Because learning without executing means nothing.

After 1 month since the day i made my last project i never touch the design tools again. And it came time that i used to exercise again and i felt like my soul partially healed.

lol what.

So this is the results of my learning progress..

Books App Concept — Discover

After done with unfinished Books App Concept, i tried to share it through the design community which is Behance and Uplabs.

*hope someone will invite me to dribbble too :’

at the first i am not sure that my submission would be approved on the Uplabs. because uplabs has some prequesite before a design showcased by the admin.

.. and this email made my day 😀


and the best part was i got another email that means a lot for me.

Achievement Unlocked !


and i got another stories from Behance. Someone noticed my work and willing to pay for my unfinished work.

Final Thought

When i started my social media break, i hoped i’d be in 90% — 100% range of my experiment. and obviously it wasn’t close.

but what i really wanted to focus was my priority in this long holiday.

even if i still checking my email everyday just to get to know about what happening beyond my real life. it’s better rather than immersed through Instagram, Line, Facebook, Twitter timelines.

The things was perfection wasn’t matter for me. read 2 of 3 books in this two week was better than read no book. Made unfinished project way better than made nothing.

and from that experiment, it has given me insight that

I valued my time more than before.

I won’t lose nothing even if i didn’t get any updates from my friends. because i still can keep in touch with them in real life and listening to their stories. For me, i would rather invite someone to talk personally with me in the deep conversation rather than write meaningless comment on their post or love their post just to convinced them that i am one of his/her friends.

if they are far away from you, you haven’t always up to date about their life. you can keep it as the stories that you can ask whenever you meet them.

I know this was not a perfect stories like you expected, but my purpose was i just wanna share my things that might valuable for you, even if i am still nothing compared to many people.

it’s not about my endeavor to work everyday toward my dreams or things i love. but it’s about do something that challenges yourself.

“Do something you can’t.” – Casey Neistat

Thank you~

don’t hestitate to leave me feedback 🙂
and i am sorry for my bad English :))


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