Stranger that i used to know.

I don’t know why recently i am feeling worried about what if there is no one who can fit with me, or there is someone who i don’t really know out there but fit with me and i never reach them because of my fear of social rejection.

There is a girl that have random thoughts and a long the way i read her story, i feel like i want to ask her to talk with me because i love the way she tells the story because it really fit into my mind. I feel like if i have a chance to talk with her just for hours i will listen to her story the way i enjoyed her thought. I will give her my fully attention just to listen to her problem. Because I really wanted to know about her personality deeply. I don’t know what kind of feels it this. But i think she will be a really good friend for me right now.

I don’t know why, maybe i seldom found a girl that really fit into my personality and i feel like i have to know about her before it is too late for me to lost a person that i never meet?

It might sounds a bit cliche because i just afraid to start the conversation moreover invite her just to have her time for a while. I know we don’t know each other, and I know that i don’t have that privilege. I know this just to fill the gap of my tremendous curiosity. but really, all i wanted just to get into a conversation at least and be friend.

This is the first time for me that i really curious about the girl that is not in my inner circle.

wth is wrong with me.



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