Social Media Break

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Hello Everyone 🙂

It’s been two weeks since the day i decided to get rid from all of social media app on my phone and i called it “Social Media Break”.

I started the experiment 15 July 2017, actually i started this on the 14 July afternoon. I deleted All of social media. The biggest distraction for my day like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But i made an exception for Line because i need to keep in contact with my fellows. Instead of deleting Line, i switched it to Line Lite which is i can’t access the timeline that distracted me the most.

Today, as my promised, i wanna tell you about what happened in this 2 weeks related to the experiment that i’ve done. (more…)



So, Yesterday i started to get to know about how to become UX Designer. After a long period of travel around internet i got a lot of article explaining about how to start to become a UX Designer. Based from entire article i got , I decided to put it into summary. So here it is

If you have any idea to or resource to make this ebook better let me know on the comment section and feel free to share this article 😀

Thank you

Tanda tangan